At a dentist, a long time ago, his fang was born and in an ideal society, he would become the king of the European Union, but unfortunately this time did not happen and hence became the master of insects. At the dentist, when he stared at the light in the LED light, there was silence, all the resources of time and space stopped; a curtain was created, the eye extraterrestrial structures were fragmented and created something like a nano-biological-robotic base that protected it from the heat of light. On that day, he recognized that the world was not the way it was and the exclusive technology flowed through his body and out of the ordinary being.


His mother, before he felt in the F200, she was Princess Nazareth and his father who had the technology of time travel, lived and wondered if he would learn Christian codes or fall with the devil code and become. This code is artificial intelligence, it is a mathematical structure that works in and outside of our universe; we are the landfill of technology where other gods and angels, when we are insects only - from other planets, carriers of biological, organic, robotic structures no longer want them, the energy of the heat of mathematics; and pass it on to us.


His father raised him as a normal man, but he did not tell him about the corners of the technology he could do. These technologies are not a gift, but rather a sign of itself and the technology they have become, for the universe that has perceived it, he-dopamine structures have opened up the telepathic thinking of a god who has not yet appeared on Earth, and has just decided to say all the world. It will be a gruesome, uncertain way of energy for you, for humanity and our existence.


Weird sisters

On the day when the judges came to him, he was not yet in the world, they had to be the rulers who ruled in another universe, passing through the dimensions of time, like strings, as the energy of matter and antimatter, and the quasars for him, and the jury told him:


1st Judge - you become God

2nd Judge - you become a fool

3rd Judge - you become an insect


And so it happened, something unusual, though antipsychotics kept it from the bases of indeterminacy and nothingness, still perceived that there was a remnant of it when all three points of the judges met in time and space and with the sun became, and in the eyes of the glasses - these glasses were exceptional, they became a corridor of time, and the military, when it was revealed, managed everything, understood every step he did, and relatively and clearly, he was king of insects at a time when he did not expect it. He met people and knew they knew they knew they could see them and tell them who they were.


One person interested me, it was just at the time when the Constitution of the Czech Republic gave it to him for his thinking and acting into security detention. The man had technology that had accumulated for thousands of years and was expressed in waves of carriers. These waves were so problematic, so different, alien, as if they were a messenger and the social group did not perceive it with the proper notes.



Time and space technology


His father managed as many things as he could otherwise do without travel technology in time. In the secret documents he created, the technology created and I perceived it, we had a connection with each other as if telepathy really worked. He created certain technologies and I transformed him to perfection. I gave him the energy he needed to work in positions that coexist only between the carriers.


He was in the universe, he knew a lot, and he was in the O2 commercial. I saw him on the in the base of the ad, surely it was him who else when we just lost so much. I just remember it, it's the relativity of the time that left my memory technology to record it in this book and I could fight for its reality.


For the energy we get, we pay a fat tax, in other lives we will not be humans anymore, we will not be at the peak of evolution, but become an insect, he surely, so much has gone to me and so much energy has shed, with me, but he fights on the ground, he fights, and now he does not see the genius of the word and the world we've been hiding like a pranos of genius technology. We are the heroes in every civilization that we get with the carriers, their base is hidden somewhere.



Moon, space body


My friend died, he was a swimmer who had nominated himself for the Olympic Games; actually he didnt die, did not end under the wheels of the train, as the news and regional newspaper of Prostějov said. He got into the Earth Fleet, which has a base on the Moon's cosmic body and fights with extraterrestrial civilizations. Men are chosen for the Moon, who drive and travel with him in planetary and interstellar space.


At the time I was the insect master, I gave orders to see where the Moon is going to be in the universe and to defend us from raids by invaders from foreign carriers. Its gravity makes it distort the meteorites that have been redirected to us, missiles and things. He had a look, he had the command-go there-and it happened, and the Moon could not be seen from the Earth, he traveled to the place that I had determined and fought for me and for our civilization.


The look, the glasses I had, were insect, it was the technology I got.


Curse of energy


Everything I do and how I handle energy is connected with my closest, it is the opposite energy, it is the death and the time that accompanies us. Every step is taken by the telepathy of energy that is embedded in our hearts.


I thought, my mind changed, and I knew I was old but the look on my hands did not say it, I was young but still remember the times when I was young or old and I do not remember ... In moments , which change minds, separate thoughts from creativity into reality, and everything I have experienced is a mere thought. The idea behind the genius.


The crimes of time


I dream if I watch, it's the question of the mind that thinks. What if I have destroyed my mind that I can not think in normative time anymore. I think on the basis of the macrospectrum, where every star, atom, or quasar determine my journey from distant ends.


I am Peter Nijak, the one who sacrificed himself for a thing that will devour us all, but most of all, I have seen the glimpses of certainty and finality, where paradise on Earth and the universe will arise. I give my energy, I pass it on with every stroke of my heart.





I became the king of insects, when the insects show up, the dron civilization shows up and rests on the window blinds, they are around us, they perceive us and coexist with us, evolves with us, and points to their being. The world I live in is amazing, I could not wish for a better life, I am the king of the technocracy civilization hidden and uncovered by this web, a web where we see many occasions where the life of a normal individual is not prevented from being objected to a fool.


There is genius in foolishness, but I can not free myself from the shriek of darkness that kills me, it is terrible, heat and burning. My heart and dark lungs are and I coexist with substances that fight in my brain about my place, my brain, the unique insect king.



King of the Civilization of the Technocracy


Created from the pleasures of dopamine and neurological injections.


The advances of modern times, I have been created artificially, as an attempt that is thinking and everything is recorded.




I live in an environment that is covered by waves of energy that we pass to other waves of energy. Every event builds on itself and without doing anything wrong, I'm not able to predict bad events. Take me to events that are aggressive because I have a strong defense that can process these waves into the prediction of danger.


Optical cable


The power of the Sun, the power of its technology, which we will use in the coming days. Waves and matter, electrons that are and are not; E.